We are fully aware of the BBC report which is currently on the news regarding the use of Boron in Slime products. We would like to assure you the solution we use is a sensitive eye contact solution which contains a tiny amount or Boric acid 1.3% in a 500 ml bottle.

Children use only a few drops in each slime made, this poses no threat of the conditions the BBC are outlining. Boron is used in many everyday items such as laundry detergents, antiseptics and eye drops, these are just a few of the many products .

We can also use Laundry starch as an alternative , which does not make such good slime however it  contains no Boric acid or borax at all. If you wish your child to use that instead of our Contact lens solution, please let us know. We have a full product sheet available to anyone who wishes to view it, please email me for a copy or with any concerns you may have. karla@jellybead.co.uk